Our Approach

EVOLVE (verb) to develop gradually  WELL (adverb) in a good way; (adjectivein good health

  • Meets with you in the comfort of your home or in the community
  • Focuses on using your strengths and empowering you to take control of your life
  • Creates personalized goals and treatment plan based on comprehensive assessments coupled with our expertise in managing chronic diseases, health coaching and mental health
  • Coordinates your plan with your doctor, which includes:
    • Customized therapeutic exercise program
    •  Nutrition education to develop a healthy eating plan that works for you
    •  Indivualized life skills education and practice, including time management, stress management, mindfulness and coping skills
  • Bills your health insurance with an order from your doctor
  • Verifies your costs prior to your first visit



*EvolveWell is an enrolled provider with Medicare, Medical Assistance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and PreferredOne and works with other insurance companies. 


Our Programs

Evolvewell weight Management progrmam

We are proud to be a licensed provider of  the Healthe Habits for Living program which provides a unique solution to weight loss and other chronic conditions by changing the way people think, relate to, consume and manage food and exercise on a daily basis. For more information on Healthe Habits for Living, visit them on the web at www.healthehabitsforliving.com

Evolvewell in recovery

We provide a unique solution to building a healthy recovery lifestyle by examining daily habits, routines and behaviors as well as evaluating and treating underlying performance skills. We can help you identify barriers in functional cognition, sensory processing and daily living skills that may be impacting your ability to maintain sobriety and live the life you want to live.

Are you ready to be a healthier you?