The EvolveWell Recovery approach

One in seven individuals with struggle with addiction and one in four will struggle with mental health in their lifetimes. We are uniquely-prepared to partner with our clients to work through addiction and recovery, focusing on facilitating a calm and safe recovery lifestyle.

From mental health symptoms to addiction, our team works with individuals to redefine what recovery means to them, with an environment that sets them up for both sobriety and long-term health.  By examining daily habits, routines and behaviors, our clients are better able to identify solutions related to cognition, sensory processing, and daily living skills that will help clients stay sober and empowered.


Complete a thorough assessment of your abilities and challenges that may be impacting you including:

• Cognition and memory
• Emotional well-being
• Pain
• Sensory processing
• Independent Living skills
• Sleep patterns
• Medication management
• Chronic health condition management
• Leisure routines
• Vocational/school/volunteer engagement
• Social skills
• Coping skills

Set goals with you based on what is most important to you and work on them during individualized therapy sessions. Each session can include:

• Personalized life skills education and practice in areas such as time management, financial management and social skills
• Stress management, mindfulness and coping strategies
• Cognitive strategies to improve memory, problem-solving, decision-making
• Role development (parenting, worker, friend)
• Building habits and routines for life balance- self-care, sleep, leisure, work/productive activities
• Customized therapeutic exercise program
• Nutrition education based on current research to develop a pattern of eating that works for you
• Communicate goals and progress to caregivers as needed and to your physician 


• Keeping relationships, maintaining employment, spending more time engaging in meaningful activities, improved mood, improved health, decreased pain, remaining sober
• Therapist trained in mental health/substance use disorders, rehabilitation, health coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

Live your best life and talk to us about our EvolveWell recovery program today: 651-383-1197

I highly recommend giving Jessica a call. It will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to help you continue on the fulfillment of your dreams.
— Wendy M, EvolveWell Recovery client