The EvolveWell Approach

Our mission is to help people maximize the quality of their daily life by making sustainable changes to their environment, their abilities and their routines.

Here are five things to know about our program:

• We meet with clients in the comfort of their homes, or in the community to eliminate transportation struggles and focus on healing in an environment that is comfortable and less fearful.

• Each program begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand struggles that go far beyond aging, anxiety, addiction, obesity, pain or limited mobility.

• The comprehensive assessment  creates personalized goals in a treatment plan. Coupled with decades of expertise managing chronic diseases and illnesses, we coach and assist to empower each client in a way that makes them feel supported and comfortable.

• With an order from your doctor, we can bill insurance directly for our clients.

• We can meet 1-2x each week for up to 12 weeks to make small, sustainable changes all while we coordinate the plan with your care team. 

*EvolveWell is an enrolled provider with Medicare, Medical Assistance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and PreferredOne and works with other insurance companies. We also accept private pay.

Let’s get started!

To start your journey to health, you’ll need an order from your doctor and your insurance information. We’ll work with you to set up billing and keep your doctor involved with your health plan.

We can help you get the order. Simply call us, email us, fill out a contact form or sending us a referral form.

Going to visit your doctor and want to discuss our services? Bring this form with you and your doctor can fill out and fax to us.