EvolveWell offers individualized therapy and home modification services for individuals with chronic health conditions inside their own homes to maximize results and minimize inconvenience. Built to elevate those we serve to live their best life, our personalized approach may help with decreased pain, easier movement, improved mood, decreased stress, weight loss, increased ability to participate in day to day life.

Three Personalized Programs


EvolveWell Aging

90% of homeowners want to age in place, living their best years in the comfort of their home, according to a recent study with AARP. At EvolveWellAging, we offer home modification services and therapy services to help clients continue to live their best life, in the home they know and love.


EvolveWell Recovery

From mental health symptoms to addiction, our team works with individuals to redefine what recovery means to them, with an environment that sets them up for both sobriety and long-term health.


EvolveWell Health

Whether clients are facing chronic, long-term health conditions or obesity-related disorders, EvolveWell works inside the home to manage obesity and eliminate barriers to a future of better health.

Live your best life and talk to us about our EvolveWell health program today: 651-383-1197

I didn’t think I could change. I was on the road to a heart attack. You showed me how I could make small meaningful changes. Now I believe in me and will continue the momentum.
— Scott E.