The EvolveWell Health approach

With four out of ten adults overweight to the point of obesity, and eighty percent of older adults living with at least one chronic condition, our communities need solutions that can elevate individuals above barriers, focusing on whole body care.

Whether clients are facing chronic, long-term health conditions or obesity-related disorders, EvolveWell works inside the home to manage obesity and eliminate barriers to a future of better health.

Healthe Habits for Living™ Program Provider

The Healthe Habits for Living™ program provides a unique solution to weight loss and other chronic conditions by changing the way people think, relate to, consume and manage food and exercise on a daily basis. For more information on Healthy Habits for Living™, visit them on the web at 


Complete a thorough assessment of your abilities and challenges that may be impacting you including:

• Strength
• Balance
• Cognition and memory
• Emotional well-being
• Pain
• Endurance
• Mobility/Range of Motion
• Medication management
• Chronic condition management
• Waist circumference/BMI
• Life skills
• Sleep

Set goals with you based on what is most important to you and work on them during individualized therapy sessions. Each session includes:

• Customized therapeutic exercise program
• Nutrition education based on current research to develop a pattern of eating that works for you
• Personalized life skills education and practice in areas such as time management, stress management, and mindfulness
• Communicate goals and progress to caregivers as needed and to your physician


• Weight loss, improved mood, decreased pain, easier movement, increased ability to engage in activities you want to do. Check out some of our great results (Add a link to a pdf of the statistics paragraph located all the way at the bottom of the document here)
• Therapist trained in health coaching, chronic disease, rehabilitation and mental health meets with you in your home.

Live your best life and talk to us about our EvolveWell health program today: 651-383-1197

I didn’t think I could change; I was on a road to a heart attack. You showed me I could make small, meaningful changes. Now I believe in me and will continue the momentum.
— Scott E, EvolveWell Health client