The EvolveWell Aging approach

90% of homeowners want to age in place, living their best years in the comfort of their home, and according to AARP, a certified occupational therapist is a good partner to make it happen. With most falls happening at home, up to 1/3 of the aging population has experienced falls in their home. A fear of falling can limit individuals from accomplishing daily activities and living their best life; it’s also tied to anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and COPD. 

At EvolveWellAging, we offer home modification and therapy services to help clients continue to live their best life, surrounded by comfort and love.

Home Environment: To ensure safety and accessibility, we:

• Complete a comprehensive home evaluation of how you use your space
• Suggest ways to organize your space to prevent falls and conserve energy for the things that matter most
• Connect you with community partners to complete affordable modifications to your home
• Offer follow-up visits and training to ensure chosen modifications are completed and working for you 

Abilities: To ensure your highest level of independence, we:

Complete a thorough assessment of your abilities and challenges that may be impacting you including:

• Strength                                          
• Balance
• Cognition and memory
• Vision and other sensory processing
• Emotional well-being
• Pain
• Endurance
• Mobility/Range of Motion
• Medication management
• Chronic condition management
• Sleep
• Activities of Daily Living  
• Set goals with you based on what is most important to you and toward them during individualized therapy sessions
• Communicate goals and progress to your physician and caregivers as needed

Activities: To ensure you can continue doing the things you want and need, we:

• Share ideas with you and caregivers about how to adapt tasks to make them easier and safer
• Recommend and provide training on use of adaptive equipment
• Prioritize tasks and connect you with community resources for things you want and/or need help with 


• Identify costs, risks and benefits of home modifications and services vs. moving to new space or higher level of care
• Remain in your home where you want to be
• Prevent falls
• Improve your well-being and quality of life
• Increase your independence
• Feel more confident with more energy
• Save $ in medical costs
• 1:1 session with therapists trained in health care and certified in home modifications
• Peace of mind for everyone involved

Live your best life and talk to us about our EvolveWell Aging program today: 651-383-1197

Everything is working really well. Thanks for all your help—it was a good move on my part to reach out for services. It’s made a difference.
— Martha B